For ‘T’ I wrote about theology as a tool to better understand God and our relationship to Him. For ‘U’ I wrote about unity and the need for us to look to others ahead of our own interests. For ‘V’ I will continue the “Jesus – Others – You” pattern of ‘JOY’ and talk about ourselves.

In other words, Vanity.

As worshipers – especially if we’re musicians and singers involved with church worship teams – vanity can be a spirit-killer. It disrupts teams, it affects our emotions and our concentration, it takes our focus off the God we’re there to worship. It’s a problem.

With all the emphasis on self-esteem over the last couple decades, it might sound like I’m saying having some pride in a job well done is a bad thing. That’s not the case. We want to do our best, to excel. But we want to do it with appropriate humility and confidence.

Confidence says I know I’m good.

Arrogance is when we know everyone else thinks we’re good.

False humility says, “I need attention, tell me how good I am.”

Worry has us wondering if our efforts are good enough.

Confidence allows us to play our best, together. Arrogance, worry and false humility focus on our performance and on us as individuals. And any kind of self-centered worship is absolutely wrong.

Vanity means we spend less time going vertical, looking up to God. And we spend little time going horizontal, reaching out to others.

At best we go through the motions, doing what looks good and seems right. But God checks the motives of the heart as well as the actions.

We must always remember why we’re up front leading worship, or why we’re serving others. It’s not about us; it has to be about Him.


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