Under a Blanket

Quick break from my posts on building a “fire” of worship in ministry…

There’s an indie publisher game coming out soon called Pinstripe, and an interview with its creator caught my eye.

His comments about the story he wants to tell in gaming sound very much like my intended description of spirituality and faith in God on this page. It combines my interest in videogames with a discussion of spiritual matters, so I thought I’d post it here.

From the Penny Arcade Report:

“I’m not trying to be cool,” Brush prefaced his comment, “but everytime I’m making a game I want people to feel the way they feel when there’s a massive thunderstorm outside, but they’re inside underneath a blanket.”

“It’s that sublime feeling of ‘there’s terror and craziness outside, but I’m cozy inside and I’m safe.”

That comment sums up my time playing Pinstripe and talking with Brush. He’s part of a new generation that wants to be more gentle and welcoming with Christian messages and themes, but the message is still there, like that thunderstorm raging just beyond the walls of safety.


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