About SonWorshiper

worshipldrWho am I?

Though I grew up in church, I experienced the teenage roller-coaster ups-and-downs of faith and relationship with God. I also started learning to play piano from age 5. Fifteen years ago, as a young Airman serving overseas, I recommitted my life to pursuing God by grace through faith in Christ Jesus. Soon after, I began playing for our worship team. More importantly, I started learning about the powers and pitfalls of corporate worship, pairing the music to the message, and flowing with the ministry team and the congregation to make the most of music in the service.

On top of that, I started writing songs for worship and ministry.

I served as the team lead for several worship services over the years at various duty stations in the military, as both a volunteer and paid contracted employee.

Most of all, I found the power and majesty of the presence of God, and have been challenged and changed as a result.

It’s an experience worth sharing. I hope you’ll join me so we can chase Him together.

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