Last year, my writer and blogger friends from my local critique group convinced me that a blog is supposed to stick to a main theme. I started my first blog as a mish-mash of topics that I felt passionate about, and I was told that was not the way to go.

I split off three topics into three additional theme-focused blogs, and this was the blog for all matters spiritual.

Mostly through my lack of effort, this plan hasn’t worked the way I’d like it to. 1) Keeping 4 blogs “current” with new content is far more challenging and requires a level of effort I obviously cannot provide. 2) I’m led to believe that what matters most is not theme but passion. Readers want entries written not to fill content for content’s sake, but to express what’s on the writer’s heart. Despite a variety of topics on my original blog, people still find the topics they want and respond to the best of my writing.

Therefore I will not be updating this blog any more. I am going to consolidate back to one blog.

I deeply and sincerely appreciate all of you who followed this blog and responded to my writing here, whether through comments, likes, or simply views. I will of course continue writing about spiritual matters, so if you haven’t already followed my main blog and would like to, please check out SonWorshiper.

How We Rise: The Steve Nash Story

I have some additional thoughts on this, but I found Mr. Sanders’ comments to be very accurate. I believe these same lessons apply to the spiritual life as well as the everyday life this post probably intends to address. When God calls us to a mission or project, we’re there not to show off our own greatness, but to lift everyone else up, thus making the whole effort more successful. Consider the Apostle Paul’s statement about the parts of the body and how each needs the other to succeed. (1 Cor 12)
We’re given grace – divine empowerment – to make a change and live as God desires. Grace covers our sins but never excuses our sins. It “teaches us to say ‘No’ to ungodliness” and yes to divine purpose (Titus 2:11-12). Grace is neither license nor liberty to accept less than our best effort.
What will we do with the talents and the grace God pours out on us today?

The Better Man Project ™

In college, one of my professors told me a story about Steve Nash and how he viewed his success in the NBA. Apparently Nash had told a reporter that his goal wasn’t to be the best player on his team, but to be the guy who made every other teammate the best they could possibly be. He knew that if he raised everyone else up that the team had a much better chance to succeed. That was his goal.

Tonight is just going to be full of memories from the past…just an FYI.

My dad taught me once that you always operate on an equation when you are going after a goal. He told me that your excitement for success has to be greater than your fear of failure. Of course, this is a sliding scale and you move back and forth from time to time, but in all, you…

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Making Room {Are you celebrating the reason or the season?}

I found this writer’s experience called my own celebration of Emmanuel into question. Is “God with us” so we can decorate, eat, and get more stuff?

Dancing On My Ashes


by Heather Spring {Gilion}

Our Christmas construction paper chain is getting SHORTER! My boys (ages: 6 and 4) love to take turns tearing off a chain link as they jump and dance about:

“Only 17 more days!”

“16 more days!”


The sad thing is, up until now, every morning as they tear off the paper ring, I feel anxiety rush over me. As they are celebrating, my eyes glaze over as I’m internally groaning: “Oh NO! ONLY 15 more days! AHHHH… I have so much to do!”

Until I made room.

Sweet Mary, moments away from giving birth, was told, “There’s no room for you here.”

This became one of the themes of Jesus’ life: “There’s no room for you.” He pressed against culture, religion, purpose, and what others considered truth, as many encounters left Jesus feeling the breeze of the door slam in His…

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Prioritizing Our Hopes

The abundant life — the true abundant life Christ spoke of — is found not in earthly stability but in eternal security.

My hope is fixed on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.

Unshakable Hope

When you go through a trial, especially an extended trial that disrupts or even destroys your earthly hopes and dreams, you either learn to focus and depend more on your eternal hope or slide further into despair.

I imagine that every Christian that has gone through an extended trial will remember coming to this difficult crossroad and facing this choice. In truth, seek firstit’s a decision we should have made when we committed to follow Christ – whether or not we were going through a trial at the time. By definition, a Christian is someone whose primary hope is an eternal hope in Christ.

“…we who have taken refuge would have strong encouragement to take hold of the hope set before us. This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast…” (Hebrews 6:18-20)

I know that God wants us to have hopes in and…

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